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Sassy & Savage Sweetheart  

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Country: United States
Body: slight belly
Ethnic group: Caucasian
Weight: 75kg (165 lbs)
Height: 169cm (5'6")
Hair Length: middle
Hair Color: exotic color
Eye Color: hazel
Age: 21
Orientation: Bisexual

About Me

Hi there, I'm Kitten Fairy! I'm just a sassy sweetheart that loves to be naked on the Interwebs. I love sweeties, cakes, and all things cute - especially animals! I want so many puppies and kitties one day...

When I'm not online, I am usually snuggled up with a book of cup of tea, or playing video games.

I'm a little awkward sometimes, but stick with me, and I'll be as sweet as sugar, with just a kick of spice!

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